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Tax Organizer

Our Tax Organizer is designed to help you maximize your deductions and help you to identify information we will need to prepare your tax return. The organizer is comprised of seven sections. Access any of the seven sections by clicking on the section number icon. You can than print the applicable sections of the organizer and use the documents as a guide in gathering information we will need to prepare your return. If you have any questions on information requested in the organizer, please e-mail us at mstan@relianceaccounting.com.

Section 1: Required For All Returns - Includes Instructions, Taxpayer Information, Dependents, Estimated Taxes, IRA Activity, Miscellaneous Income and Refund Direct Deposit Information.

Section 2: Dependents, Interest & Dividend Income and Stock Sales

Section 3: Needed If Itemizing Your Deductions - Medical Expenses, Deductible Taxes, Interest Deductions and Child Care Expenses.

Section 4: Needed If Itemizing Your Deductions - Charitable Contributions, Education Expenses, Miscellaneous Deductions and Casualty Losses.

Section 5: Travel Expenses, Away-from-home Expenses, Moving Expenses, Home Sale & Purchase and Office-in-the-home.

Section 6: Rental & Business Income

Section 7: Required For All Returns - Final checklist of documents and records needed.