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Reliance Business Valuation

We prepare valuation reports based on critical information, unique to your business. The range of value for the company is determined by using valuation methods which may include industry earnings, capitalization, debt capacity, discretionary cash flow analysis, and other methods appropriate to your particular business and industry.

All valuation engagements are performed by Marty Staniszewski, CPA, CVA, MBA, MST. Marty has valued both small and large companies and has experience in valuations pertaining to bankruptcy, potential sale & divestiture, acquisition, exit planning, gift tax, partner buy-out, divorce, joint venture arrangements and other valuation engagements.

There are a number of reasons business owners should consider a business valuation including:

If you believe you may need a valuation performed on your business for any one of the above reasons, give us a call and we can (after discussion of your situation) recommend the proper valuation report and methodology. Reliance performs its calculation and formal valuation reports in conformity with the Statement of Standards for Valuation Services (SSVS) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Our reports are thoroughly researched and we are confident in the analysis and valuation methodology used in our reports.

It should be noted that, in certain circumstances, a valuation report may not be our recommendation due to a number of factors. We may recommend any of the following as a substitute to preparing a formal valuation report (please note certain engagements such as valuation for tax purposes and litigation call for a formal valuation report).

Calculation Reports

Informal Report